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Did you know... You don't need ANY experience to join Obsidian Fleet! We offer training courses to help you get into the game. All you need is enthusiasm, creativity, and a desire to have fun!

Credits and Disclaimer

Copyright Notices

Website and contents © 2001 - 2013 Obsidian Fleet. All documents, records and information on this website and all materials produced by the Fleet in connection to or in relation to any of our activities and projects are copyrighted to their individual creators. The creators of work can be established by contacting the Joint Fleet Command. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction, storage or unauthorized use, electronic or otherwise is permitted. If you wish to make us of our materials, please contact the Joint Fleet Command and we will be happy to enter into agreements to allow usage along with proper credit given.

The Obsidian Fleet JAG System, Code of Justice, General Orders, JAG Codes and all JAG information on this site are the exclusive copyright of Jon Napier. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction, storage or unauthorized use, electronic or otherwise is permitted. 28/11/04


Thanks to Rob Graham for the original draft of the Obsidian Fleet backstory, and the name "Obsidian Fleet".

Thanks to Ben Fried-Lee for the v2 Obsidian Fleet logo.

Thanks to Steve Long for the use of his Wyvern Class Transport design from the Dominion Wars Sourcebook available at TrekRPG's Site

Thanks to Commander James Dallas of the USS Fearless for the "Powered by IFS" logo.

Thanks to the following people for the use of their images/meshes throughout our main site and our sims sites.

Sean Gatton

Brian Minosh

Chris Stephenson

Karl Sykes

Thanks to matty-vfx for his work on Obsidian Fleet's award images.

U.S.S. Diligent mesh by Medjai Design by ASR Co Coventry MSD by Commandersozo

Chieftain MkXI images by Ben Wootten, available at his Deviant Art site.


Images for the fleet banners come from the following sources:
Sci-Fi Meshes
3D Gladiators
USS Bismarck
GK Design
Desktop Starships
Mark Kingsnorth Sci Fi Art
The Light Works
And the galleries of Nolan, Ceb and the USS Nightshade.

Rank Pips

The rank insignias on this site where created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy the images. If you wish to obtain them and an up-to-date copy access the Kuro-RPG Website.

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February 22, 2018
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